Any Time, Anywhere, Charter Bus Rental in Boston

“Charter buses are among the safest modes of group transportation nationwide”

With Charter Bus Boston as your ground transportation service provider, you’ll have our experienced, well-versed staff helping you put your plan together. With a specially-trained account executive assigned directly to you, you’re always one call away from help. Need someone to check on availability of an extra bus (or two)? Did something crop up mid-way? Are there additional passengers? Is there an additional stop you need to make? These are the things you can quickly consult with our experienced staff.

Thanks to the hands-on methods, our customers enjoy their trips and events even more when they’re in Boston...from the pick-up right up to the drop off point.

You’ll have dispatchers ensuring that everyone is on board before taking off, routing and rerouting traffic if there is congestion along the way, planning for a meet-and-greet session, dealing with admin work, and driving with extreme care and prudence while placing the safety of passengers as their top priority.

save time, money and effort with affordable Boston charter buses

Free Yourself From the Stress of Charter Bus Search

“Give yourself the break you need. Relax and let experienced personnel deal with it"

    Services provided by Charter Bus Boston includes

    • Finding suitable matches
    • Price comparison
    • Offline and online bus reservation 
    • Event planning
    • Route analysis
    • The hiring of drivers, dispatchers, and meet-and-greet personnel
    • Corporate and industrial transportation
    • Emergency Event Transportation
    • Logistical consultation services
    Our range of services is suitably used for people who are planning for big and small events alike, be it a small birthday party or a major city-wide tour. Even when the tour takes you around to several states, convey your needs to our customer service representatives and we’ll help you find a price-match in no time! The best deals in the market are right here in our database. The perfect vehicles with the right onboard amenities and experienced people who will back you up during the important day are, literally, a phone call away.

    We always deploy comfortable charter buses according to your needs and preferences. Our premium luxury charter buses and coaches come with clean restrooms, comfortable reclining leather seats, onboard entertainment like TVs, DVD and CD players, air-conditioning and heater, and if needed, sleeping areas and rest zones.

    Top Tips to Maximize the Fun and Minimize the Planning

    You have the freedom to personalize your own charter bus rental packages and determine the number of buses you need, price range, onboard amenities, types of vehicles and its routes. We put you in complete control of your own event while backing you up from the sidelines so that you don’t have to stress yourself out with your ground transportation needs.

    Connect with us if you are looking for ground transportation to cater to the following events:
    • Sporting events
    • Overseas sports team fan visits
    • Wedding and corporate shuttle bus service
    • Field trip
    • Exhibition and corporate functions
    • Church retreats
    • Golf trips
    • Casino outings
    • Music, food, art, and cultural festivals
    • Camping trips
    • Anniversaries
    • Proms
    • Military transportation
    • Winery tours
    • Cruise transportation
    • Air and motor shows
    • Zoo and museum trips
    • Roadshows
    • ...and much, much more!
    cheap, affordable ground transportation around Boston MA

    So, if you’re an event organizer, teacher, team leader, wedding planner, educator, trainer or parent, call us to get your hands on a free bus quote within minutes. It’s absolutely obligation-free so, you’ve got nothing to lose!

    You’re 1 click, 3 Minutes Away from a Free, Effortless Boston Charter Bus Quote

    “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind - Seneca”

    We are sure you’re fired up about the event and can’t wait to get it all ironed out. All the more reason to get your own private charter buses from Charter Bus Boston now. Call us at 1-800-304-1993 or contact us by completing and sending us this online form on our website!

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